Halcyon Blog Tour Day Three


We had an epic day yesterday, with two rockin’ stops—a killer review and an excerpt—before hitting the virtual highway again. We laid down some miles and crashed for the night at the Binary Hotel. Things turned sour when one of our virtual roadies got drunk and threw a TV out the window, and our virtual production manager ate too many hash cakes and drowned in the swimming pool. Rather than involve the authorities, we hooked him out and put him back on the bus. He’s currently propped up on the backseat, bloated and a little bit gross.

The Halcyon blog tour must go on, though, and our first stop today (Happy Halloween, people!) takes us to one of the best genre sites on the Internet, Sci-Fi Bulletin, where you can read my guest post about escaping distractions. Punch your ticket HERE.

Then we lay down some virtual rubber and head over to the brilliantly named Madwoman in the Attic, where you can read another excellent review of Halcyon. “This is a fast, heart-pounding dark thriller,” Lisa says. Read the full review HERE.

Check back tomorrow for more antics from the road.


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Halcyon Blog Tour Day Two


The Halcyon tour bus continues to roll across the virtual landscape. Last night, the virtual bus driver fell asleep at the wheel and we almost hit a tree, but he snapped awake at the last moment and tragedy was averted. We all took medication and laughed about it this morning, the driver loudest of all. He has a disconcerting glint in his eye.

The first stop today is the excellent Bibliophile Book Club, where you can read a brief excerpt from chapter one of Halcyon. Simply click THIS LINK.

Then we rumble through a wild landscape of ones and zeros and park the bus at Book Bum. Here, you can read Zuky’s excellent four-star review of the book, in which she says, “This one is wacky, unique and exciting, not to be missed by any violent thriller lover!” (I think she means lovers of violent thrillers, not thriller lovers who are violent—watch out for those dangling modifiers, Zuky!) You can check the review out RIGHT HERE.

Day Three of the blog tour will bring more excitement, no doubt. So check back tomorrow.



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Halcyon Blog Tour Day One



11 Days, 22 online venues. The massive Halcyon blog tour begins today.

There’ll be giveaways, reviews, interviews, guest posts, and more. And it all begins right now.

*Swigs whiskey from the bottle and jumps on the virtual tour bus*

To kick off, head on over to Made-Up Group for an excerpt from Halcyon. HERE’S THE LINK.

Then swing by Roachie’s Reviews for a top review of the novel (thanks, Roachie). Also—drum roll—a chance for one lucky duck to win a copy of Halcyon. So scoot on over and get your name down. THE LINK.

Check back tomorrow to see where the virtual tour bus is heading for Day Two.


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Halcyon UK

Happy days! My latest novel, Halcyon, is now available in paperback in the UK.

This book means a lot to me (mainly because I worked my ass off on it), and I’m so delighted to share it with readers and fans across the pond. I’d like to thank my UK editor, Cat Camacho, for making this possible. Thanks also to publicist extraordinaire Lydia Gittins, Phillipa Ward, Julia Lloyd (who created an amazing cover—I mean, just look at it), and the entire crew at Titan Books.

Halcyon has been scoring top reviews across the board, and has earned praise from top authors like Paul Tremblay, Sarah Pinborough, Michael Marshall, and Benjamin Percy.

The paperback is priced at just £7.99, and is available everywhere books are sold. It is also available in ebook.


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