Mama Fish

Mama Fish

Technology is a 21st Century god.
It’s a monster.

Harlequin High, 1986. Kelvin Fish was the oddball, the weird kid that no one would talk to. Except for Patrick, who was determined to learn more about this strange child, and to befriend him. But Patrick would get more than he bargained for.

Mama Fish is a story about the paths we choose … about the changes in society, and in ourselves. It is told through the eyes of Patrick Beauchamp, a loving family man who, at his heart, is troubled by much darkness … a man quite literally caught between the ghost and the machine.

Praise for Mama Fish:

“In Mama Fish, his prose is powerful, flawless, sometimes humorous, and his pacing never misses a beat. Masterful storytelling can come from hard work and natural talent, and I suspect that much of Youers’ skill comes from the latter. … I simply can’t say enough about Rio Youers.”
—Fear Zone

“It’s the speculative fiction bridge between The Breakfast Club and The Big Chill, full of truth, perspective, and an emotional resonance that will haunt you long after the last shocking twist.”
—Dark Scribe Magazine

“I look forward to devouring [Rio Youers’] bookshelf as fast as I can acquire its contents. Go get Mama Fish, and go get it now before you miss out on this future classic.”
—Feo Amante

“After finishing the astonishing Mama Fish, I have to add the name Rio Youers to my own list of favorite writers.”
—Horror Drive-In

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