Halcyon Blog Tour Day Ten


Two days of the crazy blog tour to go. We’ve trashed virtual hotels, we’ve downed hard liquor like misunderstood poets, we rocked out some songs and lost an entire corpse. But we’ve also touched down in some great places. Reviews, interviews, guest posts, excerpts, and giveaways. It’s been real.

Day ten. We’re tearing across the Internet, the driver playing Deep Purple’s “Highway Star” at bone-rattling volume (no one is complaining). Another bottle of Jack is doing the rounds, but I—the consummate professional—have my mind on the first stop: Literary Wisdom. (An unusual venue for a ragtag bunch of ne’er-do-wells like us. It reminds me of that scene in The Blues Brothers when Jake, Elwood, and the band show up at that country and western bar.) They have a review set up on the main stage. See if I manage to impart any wisdom, literary or otherwise, RIGHT HERE.

The second stop of the day takes us to Bookslovereaders, who shine a spotlight on Halcyon with another review, this one earning a respectable four stars. “I thoroughly enjoyed this book,” says Steph. “Rio Youers’s descriptions were so realistic and at times made me gasp out loud.” Well, if I don’t evoke at least one gasp per book, I’m not doing my job. Read the full review HERE.

We’re taking the weekend off. Recovery time. We’ll be back on Monday 12th for the final two stops of the tour. Hope to see you there!

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