Halcyon Blog Tour Day Eight


We’re still rolling. The end is admittedly in sight, but we have four days and eight stops to go. The mood on the bus is upbeat. It’s been rock and roll all the way—so many great blogs, so many killer reviews—and we’re not letting up. I think it’s only going to get wilder, in fact. The virtual tour manager has let a whole load of virtual groupies ride the bus with us. They’re going crazy right now, showing me their Halcyon tattoos, quoting their favorite sentences. Man, I love this job.

Our first stop today takes us to Book Lovers Boudoir. Sounds like a cozy little place. I hope the crew behave themselves, especially as this wonderful little blog has a five-star review lined up for us. “I really, really, totally and completely loved this book,” Pamela writes. “It’s one of the most intense books I’ve read in ages.” Walk single-file up the crooked staircase, knock gently on the door, and ENTER HERE.

Then we hit the road again, singing songs and drinking booze, and we won’t stop until we reach our second destination: Kendall Reviews. These guys really know their horror,  so I’m delighted to sit in the spotlight and answer their questions . You can check out the interview RIGHT HERE.

I feel like I could sleep for a week, but I’m not rocked out yet. Drop by tomorrow, when the blog tour hits day nine.

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