Halcyon Blog Tour Day Seven


We were all in a pretty good space after the two virtual gigs yesterday. We had a few drinks then jumped back on the bus, and as we carved a route across the world wide web, I grabbed my acoustic guitar and jammed out a few tunes. Soon we were all singing, even the virtual driver. I got some of the chords wrong, and forgot too many of the words, but nobody cared. We had a moment and it felt fine.

We take that good vibe into the seventh day of the blog tour, and our first stop is Between the Pages, where we’ll set up our gear for an outstanding five-star review. “Rio Youers is the author of a new generation of horror,” Meggan writes. “If you think you’ve seen everything in this genre, then think again …” Read the full review HERE.

Then we head on over to Damp Pebbles, where Emma is hosting an extract from Halcyon—and an intriguing little extract it is, too. If you haven’t bought a copy of Halcyon yet, if you’re still undecided, this might be a good place to whet your whistle. Here’s YOUR LINK.

More from the tour tomorrow. Until then, keep rockin’.

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