Halcyon Blog Tour Day Six



Day Six of the Halcyon Blog Tour dawns. The weekend is behind us, and I have to say, it was one for the ages. Our crazy driver took us on a virtual detour that involved peyote buttons, a pagan ritual, and a naked goat chase. Also, we lost the corpse of our virtual production manager. I don’t know how you lose a corpse, but yeah, we did. All we found was a piece of his jaw bone on the backseat.

I think the goats ate him.

We need to put some virtual miles between us and everything that happened at the weekend. We’ll start by motoring full-speed toward Romantic, Rebels and Reviews (another great name), where Sophie is waiting with a fantastic review. “Halcyon by Rio Youers is a real-world horror story with a paranormal edge,” Sophie writes. “It will intrigue you, hook you and thoroughly thrill you.” Dim the lights and read the entire review for yourself RIGHT HERE.

From there we’ll cruise inconspicuously to Tea With Boleyn. Now, I’m not sure how the crew will feel about tea, given we just stocked up on six crates of Jack Daniel’s (ain’t that rock and roll, baby!), but it has to be better than a naked goat chase. Also, this great blog is giving away a copy of Halcyon to one lucky reader (UK only). If this sounds like your cup of tea (you see what I did there?) head on over and leave a comment. Here’s THE LINK.

The tour continues tomorrow. Day seven. Lucky for some.

We’ll see about that.

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