Halcyon Blog Tour Day Five


The Halcyon blog tour bus continues to roll across the virtual landscape, chalking up eights stops so far, and the crew has had a great time every mile of the way—except for the virtual production manager, of course, who drowned in a swimming pool. He’s still on the backseat of the bus, smelling quite a bit now. The rest of us have moved a little closer to the front.

Eight venues down, fourteen to go. Day five has us tearing down the good ol’ information highway, en route to Reader Dad, where you can read my guest post “Halcyon Sounds,” which is all about the role music plays in my writing, and lists a few of the songs I listened to while writing Halcyon. Make your way through the turnstile and grab yourself a seat (no heckling, dammit) RIGHT HERE.

Then we’ll make a quick pit stop at the HTML Liquor Store, load up on the hard stuff, and drink like rock gods  as we roll toward Angel Wings and Petticoats (some of these blogs have wonderful names, don’t they?), who are kindly hosting an excerpt from chapter three of Halcyon. Form an orderly line HERE.

I’m sure there’ll be more trouble over the weekend. The virtual driver has been acting shifty all day and I caught him sharpening a very long knife at lunchtime. Check in on Monday the 5th. If we’re alive, we’ll hit the road again. If.

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