Halcyon Blog Tour Day Four


The appearances yesterday went well—a guest post at Sci-Fi Bulletin, followed by a review at Madwoman in the Attic. Afterward, we cruised into Somewhereville for a kick-ass Halloween party. Someone came dressed as Mother Moon from Halcyon (I thought the two sharpened chopsticks were a nice touch). Drunk, happy, we stumbled back to our hotel, where one of our virtual technicians got into a fistfight with the manager. The police were called. We all—still dressed in our Halloween outfits—ran for the tour bus and made our getaway. The driver hooted with delight and played the theme tune to Smokey and the Bandit. Crazy days, man.

We put some miles on the clock and made it to The Tattooed Book Geek early. It’s a great place to hang out. If you’re so inclined, stop by for an excerpt from Halcyon. Here’s THE LINK.

It’s a virtual hike from there to Books, Occupation, Magic, but the trip will be worth it. Head on over for yet another great review for Halcyon. “The blurb on the back compares Youers to Koontz or King,” Kirsty writes, “and this definitely has a feeling reminiscent of The Shining/The Stand era.” High praise indeed. Check out the site for the full review. YOUR LINK.

Two more stops tomorrow. Hope you can join us.

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