Seeing Stars (Again)

The reviews for THE FORGOTTEN GIRL are beginning to roll in, and (so far) they’ve been universally positive—great, in fact. To begin with, I was incredibly excited to learn that THE FORGOTTEN GIRL earned its second starred review, this time in the trade magazine BOOKLIST. Here’s a little snippet of what they had to say:

How Youers manages to skillfully weave character development into a book filled with edge-of-your-seat action is a testament to his writing skills. This is a smart thriller that also explores the power of love and memory. Highly recommended.”

Meanwhile, at CEMETERY DANCE, Dave Simms raves about the book, saying: “Youers writes with both fire and soul here, imbuing THE FORGOTTEN GIRL with life which lifts the novel above many others.” You can read the full review right HERE.

Likewise, head on over to the wonderfully named BOOKGASM for another stellar appraisal. Alan Cranis says, “Rio Youers … combines elements of the supernatural with mystery in a surprisingly satisfying blend that is as thought-provoking as it is entertaining.” The full review can be found right HERE.

THE FORGOTTEN GIRL will be available wherever books are sold on June 13—just over a week away!

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