Hero Hour

Anybody who has read my fiction knows that I have a soft spot for the unlikely hero—that character who isn’t ex-military or proficient in the use of blades, but who yet finds him or herself in a bad situation. Do they roll over and die? Or do they stand up and fight? WESTLAKE SOUL is a pretty good example of this. So is Matthew Bridge from POINT HOLLOW. And hey, let’s not forget Harvey Anderson from my latest novel, THE FORGOTTEN GIRL.

Such is my fascination with the unlikely hero, that I have written an article about it for CRIMINAL ELEMENT. It’s called “We Can Be Heroes” and you can find it right HERE. If you check it out before May 30th and leave a comment, you could win a copy of THE FORGOTTEN GIRL. You have to be a Criminal Element registered user to enter, but if you’re not, it doesn’t take long to scratch your name down. And Criminal Element is an excellent website—probably the best out there—for all things crime and thriller. It’s well worth signing up.

Only a couple of weeks now until THE FORGOTTEN GIRL hits stores. I’ll be back with more news soon!


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