The first review for THE FORGOTTEN GIRL has landed and it’s a belter—a starred review, no less, from the good people at Publishers Weekly. Here it is:

“Canadian author Youers (Westlake Soul) makes his U.S. debut with a paranormal thriller distinguished by subtle characterizations and emotionally evocative prose. Some vicious thugs abduct street musician Harvey Anderson from his apartment building in Green Ridge, N.J., and give him a savage beating. They want to know the location of Sally Starling, a name he doesn’t recognize, even after they show him a copy of the rental agreement that he and Sally signed in 2010 for the Green Ridge apartment. Later, a man, whom Harvey dubs “the spider,” shows up and explains this memory lapse. The spider reveals that Sally used her power to erase Harvey’s memories of her and that he has a similar ability to probe people’s minds. But despite the spider’s best, excruciatingly painful efforts, all Harvey can summon up is a vague recollection of a dancing woman and the boardwalk at Asbury Park. Harvey’s compelling, moving search for Sally and the truth offers everything that fans of intelligent suspense could wish for.”

Pretty good, huh? Needless to say, I’m over the moon.

With fewer than six weeks until THE FORGOTTEN GIRL hits stores, the reviews will start coming thick and fast.

Publishers Weekly also ran an interview with me recently. You can check it out right HERE.

I’ll be posting more cool stuff as it lands, so stay tuned. And just a reminder: THE FORGOTTEN GIRL hits bookstores and online retailers on June 13.

Not long now!

(My thanks to Chris DiLeo for nabbing this shot from PW.)

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