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angelsThis knowing, eerie fable is a delight. Rio Youers throws a mean knuckleball.” — Owen King.

And let me tell you … Owen King is wise in the ways of baseball, and even wiser in the ways of storytelling. Needless to say, this blurb gave me a serious case of the feel-goods.

Okay, let me explain: Owen is talking about my new novella THE ANGELS, which I’m delighted to announce is available NOW from Cemetery Dance. Minor league baseball forms a backdrop to the story, but it’s really about love, friendship, and desire … and how far a person will go to make their dreams come true.

Here’s the copy:

Life is good for 22-year-old Christopher Casey. He has the car, the beautiful girl, and he plays baseball for the Gracetown Angels.

His best friend, Hank Mosley, is the team superstar, but when he slumps at the beginning of the 1958 season, everything starts to unravel. Hank takes dark and drastic steps to reverse his fortune… but at what price?

How far would you go to make your dreams come true?

The Angels is a tale of passion, friendship, and dreams—an all-American baseball story set in a golden age, with tones both chilling and magical, and a certain darkness that resonates with the modern game.

THE ANGELS is available in two editions: a signed hardcover (limited to 750 copies) and an über-deluxe, signed and traycased lettered edition (limited to just 26). They are priced at $30 and $175 respectively. Both editions boast incredible cover art and interior illustrations by comic book artist Ray Dillon. Check out Ray’s website, and his excellent work, right HERE.

I’m so proud to work with Richard Chizmar, Brian Freeman, and the whole crew at Cemetery Dance. They’re the best at what they do (there’s a reason Stephen King publishes so frequently with them), and they have produced another beautiful novella here.

You can order your copy of THE ANGELS directly from the Cemetery Dance website.


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