Sister Free

It’s always a good feeling when a short story makes it out into the wild … particularly when it’s in great company, and in such an amazing and respected publication. I am delighted, then, to announce that my l’il rock and roll story, “Sister Free” will feature in PS Publishing’s forthcoming POSTSCRIPTS 32/33: FAR VOYAGER.

I’m not kidding about the great company. Check out the full table of contents:

Far Voyager — Ian Sales

3 A.M. in the Mesozoic Bar — Michael Swanwick

Dear Miss Monroe — Andrew Jury

The Case of the Barking Man — Mel Waldman

One Hundred Thousand Demons and the Cherub of Desire — Andrew Drummond

An American Story — Darrell Schweitzer

Irezumi — John Langan

Sister Free — Rio Youers

A Little Off the Top — Tom Alexander

Sweetheart, I Love You — Mel Waldman

Winter Children — Angela Slatter

A Girl of Feather and Music — Lisa L. Hannett

Thirty Three Tears to a Teaspoon — Alan Baxter

The Rusalka Salon for Girls Who Like to Get Their Hair Wet — Angie Rega

The Psychometrist — Suzanne J. Willis

Sea Angels — Quentin S. Crisp

Plink — Kurt Dinan

Xaro — Darren Speegle

We Are Not Alone — Richard Calder

The Curtain — Thana Niveau

Playground — Gio Clairval

What Once Was Bone — Gary A. Braunbeck

Darkscapes: Three Journeys to the Night Side — Mel Waldman

Services Rendered — Bruce Golden

GW in the Afterlife — Robert Reed

Eskimo — Andrew Hook

With Friends Like These — Gary Fry

An Inspector Calls — Ian Watson

Confessions — Mel Waldman

A Legion of Echoes — Alison Littlewood

Talk in Riddles — Mark Reece

The Mermaid and the Fisherman — Paul Park

“Sister Free” marks my fourth appearance in this award-winning publication. I’m so proud to continue my wonderful relationship with Pete and Nicky Crowther, and the entire crew at PS Publishing.

POSTSCRIPTS 32/33: FAR VOYAGER will be edited by Nick Gevers (with whom I also have a long and fantastic relationship). I’ll be sure to post ordering info as soon as it becomes available.

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