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Okay,  so the last anthology I’ll be shining a light on is PSYCHO-MANIA, edited by none other than Stephen Jones (who’s pretty much royalty when it comes to horror). This cracking tome of psycho-themed tales was recently released in the U.K., with a March release set for the U.S. and Canada (don’t worry … I’ll remind you). Here are the details:

PSYCHO-MANIA. Edited by Stephen Jones. Robinson.


“When journalist Robert Stanhope arrives at the Crowsmoor asylum for the criminally insane to interview the institute’s enigmatic director, Dr. Lionel Parrish, little does he realise that an apparently simple series of tests will lead him into a terrifying world of murder and insanity …

“In this chilling new anthology, some of the biggest and brightest names in horror and crime fiction bring you twisted tales of psychos, schizoids and serial killers, many with a supernatural twist.

“Reggie Oliver revives Edgar Allan Poe’s wily French detective C. Auguste Dupin; there is a new Bryant & May London mystery from Christopher Fowler; child-actor-turned-private-eye Marty Burns investigates a quirky Hollywood case in a story by Jay Russell; and international bestselling author Michael Marshall returns to The Straw Men conspiracy.

“With a never-before-published introduction by Robert Bloch (author of Psycho), along with one of his most iconic stories, you would have to be out of your mind not to take a stab at these stories!”

It was a real thrill working with Stephen Jones on this, and to join his impressive stable of writers is a highpoint in my career.  It also feels pretty good sharing pages with authors like Harlan Ellison®, Neil Gaiman, Kim Newman, Ramsey Campbell, Edgar Allan Poe, Robert Bloch, and many more. It really is an incredible lineup, and I’m honoured to have my story featured. Speaking of which … my psychotic contribution is called, “Wide-Shining Light.” It’s about old friends who are reacquainted at a school reunion … and how the person you think you know can sometimes be very different.

As I said at the top, PSYCHO-MANIA is out now in the U.K., and it’ll be hitting bookstores in the U.S. and Canada early next year.  So to be getting on with, here’s the Amazon U.K. link:


See you all soon!


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