Out Now #2

Here’s the second of several recently released anthologies featuring stories by yours truly:

CHILLING TALES: IN WORDS, ALAS, DROWN I. Edited by Michael Kelly. Edge Science Fiction and Fantasy.

“Canada’s maestro of the macabre, Michael Kelly, brings you Chilling Tales: In Words, Alas, Drown I, an all new collection of nightmares that will perturb and torment you. Tales that will leave a frisson of fear and raise a quiver of goose-flesh. A chill is in the air.

“This volume includes the work of the following conjurers of dark fantasy and horror: Camille Alexa, Colleen Anderson, Kevin Cockle, Gemma Files, Lisa L. Hannett, Derek Kunsken, Claude Lalumiere, Daniel LeMoal, Catherine MacLeod, Michael Matheson, Susie Moloney, David Nickle, Ian Rogers, Douglas Smith, Simon Strantzas, Edo van Belkom, Halli Villegas, Bev Vincent, Robert J Wiersema and Rio Youers, with an introduction by Michael Kelly.”

So, a great selection of Canadian talent here, and I’m thrilled to be included among them. My story is called, “Honesty”—a creepy, fun little tale about what happens when you don’t obey the honour system on the Canadian back roads.

CHILLING TALES: IN WORDS, ALAS, DROWN I (hey, it’s a palindrome, okay?) is available everywhere—even outside Canada. But once again, here are those ever-so-convenient Amazon links:




See you tomorrow!

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