When Christopher Golden reached out a hand to his fellow authors, requesting stories for MISTER OCTOBER – AN ANTHOLOGY IN MEMORY OF RICK HAUTALA, he received such an overwhelming response that he had to split the anthology into two bumper volumes.

Right off the bat: you need to buy both of these volumes, and there are three great reasons why.

Reason One: each volume is packed with original artwork and stories from some of the biggest names in horror fiction. I’m talking Peter Straub, Graham Joyce, Clive Barker, Joe R. Lansdale, Neil Gaiman, and Michael Marshall Smith. You want more? Okay … there’s Jack Ketchum, Jonathan Maberry, Tim Lebbon, Sarah Pinborough, F. Paul Wilson, Brian Keene, and Mark Morris. The list goes on, baby. I didn’t mention Peter Crowther or Amber Benson, but they’re in there. I didn’t mention John Skipp or Kim Newman, but they’re in there, too. The list of contributing authors is long, wonderful, and heartening (and yes, it includes yours truly, just in case you were wondering). You don’t need reasons two and three—get on over to JOURNALSTONE or AMAZON and preorder these books NOW!

I’ll give you reasons two and three, anyway, because I’m good like that.

Reason Two: I’m assuming, if you’re on this site and reading this, that you’re a book lover. And as a book lover, you’ll appreciate how nice it is to have a complete set. Volumes One and Two will look wonderful together on a bookshelf, or side by side on your Kindle. You wouldn’t separate Joanie from Chachi, would you? Or BJ from the Bear? Some things are just meant to be together. They’re better that way. And you’ll be pleased to know that MISTER OCTOBER is available in all formats (except audiobook). E-book, paperback, hardcover, and signed hardcover. We’ve got you covered!

Reason Three: The most important reason of all: the publisher, JournalStone, will very generously donate ALL profits from MISTER OCTOBER to the Hautala estate. Every last penny. They’ll cover their production costs, but that’s it. The contributing authors and artists have offered their work for no payment, out of the deepest love and respect for Rick, and to maximize the benefit to his estate. So yeah … when you buy these books, not only are you getting two wonderful volumes jam-packed with outstanding artwork and fiction, but your money is also going to a worthwhile cause.

If you can’t buy both books … then buy one. Just one. Please.

Rick Hautala passed away in March of this year. He was one of horror’s major players through the eighties and nineties, and he kept writing until the very end. More than this, he was a wonderful husband, father, and a friend and inspiration to many. He is greatly missed.

MISTER OCTOBER is a fantastic tribute to a fantastic man. It’s available for preorder now, due to be released November 8.

Head on over to JOURNALSTONE for all the details.

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