So there are these two comic books guys, Chris Ryall and Ashley Wood, and they create this balls-to-the-wall crazy series called ZOMBIES VS ROBOTS. If you visit my site often, you’ll have heard (well … read) me banging on about it. It’s chaotic, and all kinds of fun, and if you haven’t checked it out yet, I urge you to do so. Just visit COMIXOLOGY or IDW PUBLISHING directly—those guys’ll sort you out. And hey, in case you forgot … I wrote a comic, at Chris’s request, set in the ZVR universe. It was my first (but hopefully not my last) foray into the world of comics, and I had an absolute blast with both the process and the material. For more info on that, check out THIS POST.

But the ZVR madness and hellacious zombie-blasting fun continues. A while ago I was approached by editor Jeff Conner to write a short story for an ambitious prose project—essentially a series of anthologies inspired by the ZOMBIES VS ROBOTS comics. Check this: IDW were willing to pay me to write a story about zombies and robots beating the unliving shit out of each other. Almost too good to be true, huh? But true it was. I gave it a big whoop-yeah and got to work, and a few months later turned in a 12,000 word novelette called FOR KING AND COUNTRY. And let me tell you … you can’t write about zombies and robots without having a whole whack of fun. Don’t tell IDW this … but I would probably have paid them for the chance to write it.*

The first anthology in this series, THIS MEANS WAR, came out last year (see THIS POST). It was followed by WOMEN ON WAR, which in turn will be followed by DIPLOMACY. Yeah, I’m going somewhere with this  … my ZVR story will feature in DIPLOMACY, to be published this summer by IDW, with gorgeous artwork by the always awesome Mike Dubisch. (Incidentally, I’ve seen Mike’s illustration for my story, and it’s jaw-droppingly great. I’ll post it on the site just as soon as I’m given the green light.) It also features top ZVR fiction from the likes of Gary McMahon, Simon Clark, and Simon Kurt Unsworth.

Oh, and IDW—in case you didn’t know—stands for Incomparable Dudes of Wonderment.**

ZVR: DIPLOMACY is available for preorder right now. Amazon. Barnes & Noble. Forbidden Planet. You know, the usual places. Order it now, and it should hit your mailbox in July.

*Not really.

**Not really.

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