Depth Charge

In my last post, I told you about A CARNIVÀLE OF HORROR: DARK TALES FROM THE FAIRGROUND, and how stoked I am to share pages with an array of wonderful authors, including Tod Robbins and Ray Bradbury.

Now, I am extremely pleased to announce that my new short story, DEPTH, will appear in SHIVERS VII, edited by Richard Chizmar and published by Cemetery Dance Publications. And yeah—as you’d expect from CD—there’s a host of incredible authors on board, and once again I’m stoked to be included in such a stellar line up. The full table of contents is listed below, but how can I not draw your attention to two authors in particular? Clive Barker and Stephen King are high on the list of my all-time favourite authors. Over the last twenty-plus years (apart from writing some of the greatest stories I have ever read), they have inspired me to work harder, and reach higher. To appear in an anthology alongside them is doubtless one of the high points of my career.

So here’s the full table of contents. And quite aside from Messrs. King and Barker, check out the other wonderful writers that fill the pages of this awesome anthology:

The Departed – Clive Barker
Red Rover, Red Rover – Norman Partridge
Breakbone – Bill Pronzini
The Storybook Forest – Norman Prentiss
Simple – Al Sarrantonio
Born Dead – Lisa Tuttle
The Baby Store – Ed Gorman
A Lonely Town in Alaska – Darren Speegle
Zombie Dreams – Tim Waggoner
Echoes – Don D’Ammassa
Bone by Bone – Scott Nicholson
Sleeping with the Bower Birds – Kaaron Warren
Memory Lake – Robert Morrish
That Long Black Train – Travis Heermann
Beholder – Graham Masterton
Feel The Noise – Lisa Morton
Plant Life – Greg F. Gifune
I Am Become Poe – Kevin Quigley
Arbeit Macht Frei – Del James
Bovine – Joel Arnold
Depth – Rio Youers
GPS – Rick Hautala
Room 8 – Roberta Lannes
Severance Package – Bev Vincent
As She Lay There Dying – Brian James Freeman
Weeds – Stephen King

My story, DEPTH, is about a man who—following the death of his son—buys an abstract painting that turns out to be cursed, and which awakens in him a deep and unsettling darkness. For what it’s worth, I think DEPTH is one of my strongest short pieces (although, at nearly 10,000 words, I guess it’s not that short).

SHIVERS VII will be available exclusively from Cemetery Dance Publications in winter 2012/2013. It’s worth noting that both the Clive Barker and Stephen King stories are rare reprints—very difficult to find anywhere else. So if you want to get dibs on a copy, make sure you preorder right HERE. Signed limited edition hardcover and deluxe signed & traycased lettered editions are (at the time of writing) still available.

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