And All That Jazz, Yo!

The last few weeks have been pretty damn good, I have to say. Following the starred review in Publisher’s Weekly, WESTLAKE SOUL went on to score positive reviews at FEARNET, BOOKLIST (print only) and the NATIONAL POST. Opening a national newspaper and reading a review of your novel is a great  feeling, let me tell you. And it’s doubly great knowing that WESTLAKE SOUL is now available in bookstores across Canada and the USA. For all the years I have been writing—first on my old electric typewriter, then graduating to a word processor—my goal was always to see my novel on the shelf in a bookstore. As Bruce Springsteen so brilliantly put it … it’s been a long time coming, but now it’s here.

Something else is here, too: my first ever comic. The ZOMBIES VS ROBOTS ANNUAL hits comic book stores today, and I’m more jazzed than Jelly Roll Morton. Heck, even Dizzy Gillespie ain’t got nuthin’ on me in the Bein’ Jazzed Department. My contribution to the annual—a dirty l’il number called FALL—was brought to life by the amazing illustrative skills of Andy Kuhn. It was so great working with Andy on this, and he really knocked it out of the park. The other stories, SPRING, SUMMER, and WINTER (you picking up a theme here?) come by way of Daniel H. Wilson, Kevin Grevioux, and Chris Ryall (he be responsible for this whole ZVR thang), with artwork by Sam Kieth, Drew Moss, and Ashley Wood (he also be responsible).

I have read the annual, and my completely unbiased opinion is that it kicks unwholesome amounts of ass. You can check out a preview right HERE, then for the love of Moses get yourself down to your friendly neighbourhood comic book store, and add the ZOMBIES VS ROBOTS ANNUAL to your zombie (or robot) collection.

Fuckswitch is waiting. You have been warned.

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