Zombies + Robots = Awesomesauce

ZvRLater this year (or perhaps early next year—who knows how these things work?), my short story, FOR KING AND COUNTRY will be published by IDW Publishing as part of their ZOMBIES VS ROBOTS prose project. It will appear in an anthology called ZVR: DIPLOMACY. I’m telling you about this now because the ZVR prose train is already a-rollin’, and I think this would be a pretty sweet time for you to hop on board.

ZVR: THIS MEANS WAR! is the first in a series of anthologies based on Chris Ryall and Ashley Wood’s kick-ass ZOMBIES VS ROBOTS comic books (and if you haven’t read these, you absolutely must—they’re chaotic, brilliant, and totally insane). This first collection has stories from a host of fantastic writers (as listed in the accompanying picture), as well as incredible artwork by Fabio Listrani. The editor, Jeff Conner, showed me an advance copy at this year’s World Horror Convention in Salt Lake City … and I’m not kidding when I say my jaw damn near hit the floor. This book is gorgeous. The attention to detail is astounding, and Fabio’s artwork (there’s an illustration for each story) is through the roof. I voiced only one misgiving to Jeff … and that was that I’m not in this book.* Believe me, this is the kind of anthology that every fan of zombies—and indeed robots—should own. You’ll treasure it. You’ll show your friends. You’ll put it on your coffee table. Yeah, it’s that good.

A little more about the ZVR prose project can be found right HERE. And if you want a second opinion, check out this review from Spencer Perry at SHOCK TILL YOU DROP.

You can purchase ZVR: THIS MEANS WAR! from all the usual suspects, but here are a few links just to make it easier:

IDW Publishing

Cemetery Dance (Limited edition)


*Just so’s ya know … my story was originally included in the line-up for THIS MEANS WAR!, but Jeff Conner felt it would be a better fit in DIPLOMACY, and so pulled an eleventh-hour, editorial switcheroo. This is why you’ll see me as one of the listed authors at Amazon and other venues. But nah … I’m not in it.

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