Showing Face

I’ll be at the AD ASTRA CONVENTION this weekend (April 13, 14, 15), along with a goodly portion of the Canadian Horror Rat Pack, and any number of people dressed in steampunk or Star Wars attire. My publisher, CHIZINE, will be launching their spring line-up, which means there’ll be a place at their table for WESTLAKE SOUL. Come along and buy a copy. Then find me at the bar and I’ll sign it for you.

When not at the launch (or at the bar) you can find me on the following panels:

DEFINITIONS OF HORROR. Saturday 11 a.m. (With Michael Kelly and Michael Colangelo.)

FLESH OR BRAINS? EITHER WAY, YOU ARE DINNER. Saturday 2 p.m. (With David Clink, Giasone Italiano, and Matthew Johnson.)

BOOKS TO MOVIES. Saturday 8 p.m. (With David Clink, Michelle Goodeve, and Glenn Norman.)

On the subject of appearances, I’ll be at the CHIAROSCURO READING SERIES on Wednesday May 9, reading from WESTLAKE SOUL. Alongside me will be authors James Alan Gardner and Ursula Pflug. As if that’s not enough, we’ll be accompanied by the unique ukulele stylings of Kari Maaren. Yeah, I know … life in the fast lane, huh? You can find all the relevant details right HERE. It promises to be a wild night. Last time I went, a riot nearly broke out when someone spiked Samantha Beiko’s 7Up with Red Bull.

Rock and roll.

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