Seasons of Awesome

I’m looking forward to next month. Yeah, the days will get a little longer—a little warmer—as we bounce toward summer … but even better than that, May 2012 will see the publication of my comic-writing debut: a short ’n’ sweet ZOMBIES VS ROBOTS story called FALL. I’m jazzed about this for reasons aplenty. Firstly, it’s a friggin’ comic book, and who in their right mind wouldn’t be jazzed about being part of a comic book? Secondly, it’ll be published by industry leaders IDW Publishing, who put out nothing but incredible work. Thirdly, I got to team up with ZvR creator, Chris Ryall, and artist extraordinaire, Andy Kuhn. These guys live and breathe comics. It’s in their blood—a passion as colourful as the pages they create. To have them beside me—with all their experience and enthusiasm—was insanely reassuring. Fourthly, contributing to the ZOMBIES VS ROBOTS universe was nothing short of a rush. Chris holds this franchise very close to his heart. It’s his baby, and I know it wasn’t easy for him to open the door to other writers. But he did, and he trusted me, and that feels pretty special.

Fifthly, you’ll all get to meet Fuckswitch … but that’s all I can say about that for now.

My story, FALL, will one be of four to feature in the first ever ZOMBIES VS ROBOTS ANNUAL. Subtitled SEASONS OF WAR, each tale will delve into a season of the chaotic blood-and-bolts conflict. Joining me on this year of mayhem will be ROBOPOCALYPSE author Daniel H. Wilson, actor and writer Kevin Grevioux, and Cap’n Chris Ryall himself (hey, you didn’t expect him to let go of the reins completely, did you?), with crazy-cool artwork by—as well as Andy—Sam Kieth, Drew Moss, and the one and only Ashley Wood.

So yeah, colour me psyched.

As a little taster, here’s a single page (sans lettering) from FALL. You can see from this just how awesome Andy Kuhn’s artwork is. And this is just one page—imagine how crazy the entire comic is going to be.

My first comic, baby. I’m like a proud papa.

More ZvR-related stuff soon.

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