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I’m currently in the wilds of Iceland, on the last leg of a year-long European adventure, with sporadic, unreliable internet access. I wanted to drop in quickly, though, to tell you that my new novel, Halcyon, is now available at all booksellers and retailers across the US and Canada.

This was a tough novel to write. I poured just about everything into it, and the early reviews suggest that the hard work has paid off. I’m so grateful to everybody who has read and reviewed the book so far, and for all the support I’ve received.

Need a refresher on what Halcyon is about? Here’s the cover copy:

Halcyon is the perfect haven for all Americans who want to escape the dismal state of the U.S., but paradise isn’t what it seems…

A beautiful island in the middle of Lake Ontario—a self-sustaining community made up of people who want to live without fear, crime, or greed. Halcyon seems like a dream come true. The utopia is run by Valerie Kemp, aka Mother Moon, benevolent and altruistic on the outside, but hiding an unimaginable darkness inside. She has dedicated her life to the pursuit of Glam Moon, a place of eternal beauty and healing. And she believes the pathway there can only be found at the end of pleasure.

On the heels of tragedy, Martin Lovegrove moves his family to Halcyon. They can’t take any more pain or fear. Especially sensitive Edith, whose nightmares have an eerie way of becoming reality. A couple of months, he tells himself, to retreat from the chaos and grind. No smart phones. No TV. No internet. No TV. Back to a simpler way of life. But something doesn’t feel right. Martin begins to suspect deception beneath Halcyon’s perfect veneer. And when something feels too good to be true… it usually is. Martin wants to know the truth—however terrible—behind the island and its mysterious founder, Mother Moon.

Halcyon is Rio Youers’ page-turning race against the clock in a world that eschews the limits of time.

And you can read the first chapter right HERE.

Hopefully, that’s enough to whet your appetite.

Of course, I’ll always prefer that you visit your local indie bookstore and buy your copy of Halcyon there, but if online shopping is your jam, you can find a list of retailers (including a couple of good indies) on the Halcyon page on this website, or over at Macmillan’s page.

And if you read Halcyon and enjoy it, please consider leaving a review somewhere. Word of mouth is so very important.

One last thing: the UK ebook of Halcyon (Titan Books) will be available in one week, on July 17th, with the paperback hitting UK stores in October.

Thank you all so much.


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King and I

There’s a new interview with me over at Criminal Element. The man asking the questions is the very great Owen King, author of Double Feature (two thumbs way up), Alien Invasion (amazing—read it), and co-author of the #1 New York Times Bestseller, Sleeping Beauties (I love this book). Here’s how the interview came about.

Earlier this year, Owen ran two advance copies of Halcyon through his Rambling Galley Book Club, which works like this: the reader adds his or her name to the Book Club post on Owen’s Facebook page, then Owen (through the magic of the Random Number Generator) selects two lucky readers to receive an advance copy of Halcyon, along with some delightful Owen King swag. In return, the reader must read Halcyon, leave a review somewhere online, then sign and send the book back. Then the Random Number Generator selects another reader, and the book goes out again. And so on, and so forth. In all, I think Halcyon earned ten or eleven reviews—all of them good, I hasten to add. Of the reviews added to Goodreads so far, most of them come by way of Owen’s Rambling Galley Book Club.

Between them, the galleys covered somewhere in the region of 10,000 miles. (These are a couple of well-traveled, well-read books.) Needless to say, I’m extremely grateful to Owen for putting this together. As well as being an amazing author, he’s also a wonderful man, and a dear friend.

So, to the interview: my part in this (aside from writing Halcyon to begin with) was to agree, at the end of the galleys’ wild ramble, to be grilled by Owen. Well, he didn’t grill me; he asked several thoughtful, brilliant questions that were a pleasure to answer. Criminal Element liked the interview so much that they wanted to publish it on their site. You can read it HERE.

Furthermore, if you leave a message in the comments section before July 10th, you’ll be entered into a sweepstakes to win a hardback copy of Halcyon and the UK paperback of Sleeping Beauties (donated very kindly by Owen). I think there are two copies up for grabs, so get your name down quick.

There’ll be more Halcyon goodness leading up to the book’s release on July 10th, so check back soon.

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All Star

Following on from Geek World Wide’s 10/10 review for Halcyon, the good people at Publishers Weekly have dropped their appraisal, and I’m delighted to report that they have given my novel a coveted starred review.

They write: “[An] exceptional paranormal thriller … Youers humanizes all his characters and makes readers feel the pain of the events he describes.”

Halcyon is knocking it out of the park with the reviews (so far), but seeing that little red star from PW always gives me a wicked case of the feelgoods.

The whole review, brief but wonderful, can be found HERE.

Halcyon will be published in hardcover, e-book, and audio on July 10th. Visit the novel’s page on this website, or over at Macmillan, to find the pre-order links.

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Available Now!

Great news for UK e-book readers: The Forgotten Girl is now available on Kindle, Kobo, iTunes, and wherever else you get your digital fix.

A little refresher: The Forgotten Girl earned starred reviews at both Publishers Weekly and Booklist. Joe Hill called it, “An absolute rocket,” while Sarah Pinborough said that it “… leaves you breathless.” And let’s not forget that The Forgotten Girl was also a finalist for the 2018 Arthur Ellis Award for Best Crime Novel.

Priced at around £4—that’s less than a pint of beer in Britain; trust me, I know—it’s safe to say that you’re getting bang for your buck. Or, rather, your pound.

A couple of links, just for ease (I’m good like that). You can purchase it for your Kindle right here.  And your can make your Kobo happy by clicking right here.

The Forgotten Girl is published in the UK by Titan Books. The paperback version will hit bookstores in spring 2019.

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