Beauties #2

The Aurora sickness continues to spread, the world descends into chaos, and the mystery surrounding Evie and the town of Dooling deepens.

Based on the bestselling novel by Stephen King and Owen King, adapted and written by MEEEEE, with art by Alison Sampson and colors by Triona Farrell, SLEEPING BEAUTIES Issue #2 (of 10) hits comic book stores everywhere today.

For more information, head over to the SLEEPING BEAUTIES page at IDW Publishing, and while you’re in the clicking mood, check out this fantastic 9.5/10 review at AIPT Comics.

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Out Now!

Issue #1 (of 10) of SLEEPING BEAUTIES is out now. Based on the bestselling novel by Stephen King and Owen King, written and adapted by yours truly, with breathtaking art and colors by Alison Sampson and Triona Farrell respectively.

Published by IDW Publishing, the comic is already scoring great reviews across the board. We are all extremely proud of this opening issue, and hope you’ll join us for what promises to be a wild ride.

SLEEPING BEAUTIES is available wherever comic books are sold.

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Here’s a sneak peek of some of Vincent Sammy’s interior artwork for the new edition of WESTLAKE SOUL.

This is Nadia.

There will be ten such illustrations included in the book, all duotone, and all jaw-droppingly gorgeous. Vincent is such an amazing artist, and he’s bringing WESTLAKE SOUL to life in the best possible way.

I’m so proud of this book, and delighted with the way it’s coming together. SST Publications have produced something to be cherished. This truly is the definitive version of WESTLAKE SOUL.

There are still copies left, but they won’t last. Head over the PRE-ORDER PAGE now to avoid disappointment.

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My 2012 novel, WESTLAKE SOUL, has been out of print since the beginning of 2019. Since that time—and somewhat ironically—the popularity of this little book has boomed. It has earned a host of new fans and reviews (like THIS ONE from Sadie Hartmann’s Goodreads page, and this YOUTUBE REVIEW from Edward Lorn). Unfortunately, because WESTLAKE SOUL is out of print, it has proved incredibly difficult to track down a copy. An affordable copy, at any rate. The last time I checked, they were selling on Amazon for anywhere between $600 and $900. I’ve no doubt these prices were set by shitty, annoying little bots, but still …

My point is, WESTLAKE SOUL is an extremely sought-after novel. I learned this myself when I announced on Twitter that I would sell signed copies from my own stock for $10 plus shipping.

I sold 100+ books in a little under two hours. All my copies … gone!

Well, folks, I have some good news: WESTLAKE SOUL WILL SURF AGAIN, FOR A LIMITED TIME ONLY. The brilliant SST PUBLICATIONS will publish a signed edition limited to just 400 COPIES. It is priced at £34.95, and will feature an introduction by New York Times bestselling author, OWEN KING, as well as cover art and interior illustrations from Vincent Sammy. (Check out VINCENT’S WEBSITE. The dude is amazing!)

Trust me, this is the definitive version of WESTLAKE SOUL. If you’re a fan of the novel, or picking it up for the first time, this is the copy you need to own.

Head over to the PREORDER PAGE AT SST PUBLICATIONS for all the info, and a complete rundown on what you get for your money. At £34.95, it really is incredible value.

Furthermore, there are no plans (as yet) to publish WESTLAKE SOUL anywhere else, so this may well be your final chance to get hold after the book. When they’re all gone … that’s it, they’re gone, baby!

And I expect them to go quickly.

This beautiful, signed, limited edition of WESTLAKE SOUL is available to preorder right now, with an expected publication date of Autumn 2020.

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